For Medical Professionals

Physicians, chiropractors, and other medical professionals can refer patients to SPINE OPTIONS for back pain relief with confidence. We understand the close relationship you have with your patient, and our goal is to enhance it by providing quality, comprehensive specialized care. We will consult with you and confirm your patient’s current medications. You will be apprised of your patient’s progress throughout the course of treatment. If you are already offer a therapeutic modality, such as chiropractic, you will continue to provide that care to your patient.

While we offer a range of physical treatment modalities and complementary therapies to treat patients under “one roof,” patients are free to use practitioners outside of our facilities, who we will work with to follow your individualized treatment plan. Similarly, you can refer non-SPINE OPTIONS patients to our non-medical therapies.

In the event your patient suffers from a spinal injury or other condition that requires neck or back surgery, we can provide immediate access to leading spine surgeons in both Westchester County and New York City for immediate evaluation.

Insurance issues — we make it easy

Our office handles the paperwork so your office doesn’t have to. We will check and verify your patient’s insurance and make sure we obtain the necessary referral forms from their health plans. We work directly with insurance companies to obtain authorization for all therapy.